The Process Cloud


The Process Cloud™ from You-Get is a distinct innovative offering, enabling you to design, build and implement your processes efficiently and effectively. The unique usage based license model simplifies getting onboard.


The Process Cloud™ is entirely hosted in Europe and offers state-of-the-art technology ensuring unlimited growth.

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The advantages of Business Process Management have been proven. Companies that focus on gaining insight into their processes are able to continuously improve and quickly respond to market changes. The Process Cloud™ makes the advantages and results of BPM accessible for every organization.


Key advantages of deploying The Process Cloud™ are:


  • Low start-up costs

  • Quick return on investment

  • Predictable costs, based on usage

  • Rapid deployment, without manual maintenance

  • You-Get BPM Consultancy & Support

  • Complete DTAP-street

  • Complete Platform Maintenance provided by You-Get

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Technical Features


With The Process Cloud™, powered by You-Get, you will get an excellent base that includes all possible extension options for the future, such as:


  • Full IBM BPM Standard License

  • Including process apps and toolkits to start efficiently

  • Possibility to set up your own Cloud Environment

  • Upgrade to IBM BPM Advanced

  • Upgrade with Case Management and ODM

  • Includes connectivity via VPN

  • Hosted on the IBM Softlayer Platform in Europe

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The Process Cloud™ from You-Get offers a pricing model that is simple, transparent and based on usage (pay per use). It combines the aspects of a price per user and per process. Users are split into two roles: admin users and participants.


An admin user is someone who has access to all environments (DTAP) and can undertake any management and/or development activities.


A participant is a person that can test and run processes in the production environment.


Prices for admin users is €150 per month and €15 for participants per month.

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Get to work


Get started now, quickly and easily with The Process Cloud™ and IBM BPM to experience for yourself the power of BPM as a service for a competitive price. IBM BPM can be considered as a best-in-class product. This, combined with the expertise and assets that You-Get has to offer, makes The Process Cloud™ your best choice.

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The Process Cloud™, powered by You-Get, is one of the safest ways to start working with IBM BPM. Our Cloud solution can compete with the most secure internal systems. You can get to work safely and carefree, completely secured, using VPN, SSL and HTTPS.

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