About You-Get

Hans van Krevel’s first contact with Business Process Management was in 2002. His enthusiasm for this new way of combining people and methods resulted in the launch of You-Get in 2007. Since then, Hans van Krevel and his partner Hanke Dekker have, together with their staff, built the company into an end to end BPM partner for a large number of reputable clients. You-Get stands for continuously improving your business performances, by applying flexible and efficient processes with innovative methods and software.


Hans en Hanke

Hanke Dekker & Hans van Krevel voor het kantoor in Watergang



Hans van Krevel and Hanke Dekker both have a senior management background in telecom and the service industry.


You-Get was established to become a business service provider that can offer a total solution for every step in the entire value chain of its clients. From their own experience they concluded two focus points:


o In business, control over business processes is the most important element in the success of an enterprise, but at the same time, this control is lacking in most companies.
o The gap in current businesses between operational business processes and the ICT is getting increasingly larger, because of the absence of an unambiguous goal and because of miscommunication on both sides. However, a close cooperation and good understanding between both sides of the company results in creating the road to a successful company.


Since its establishment, You-Get has been developing a framework that is able to solve the above-mentioned issues. An approach that covers every aspect of business processes and builds a bridge between operations and ICT within an organization.


This lead to a solution called the 360° Business Services Approach™. This framework produces a coherent and clear image of a company and its processes. However, like with all successful methods, the 360° Business Services Approach™ is never complete. Every day, features are added and improved, which enhances the portfolio in such a way, that we can service an even bigger range of process related areas.


More information: www.you-get.com