Revolutionize cooperation and knowledge sharing with You-Get SMARTer

22 Mar Revolutionize cooperation and knowledge sharing with You-Get SMARTer

At You-Get, we value cooperation and knowledge sharing. To institutionalize and stimulate both, we have developed You-Get SMARTer, an intuitive and fun platform that engages employees in proactive cooperation and knowledge sharing.

Users can send their weekly topped-up SMARTer Credits when they get help, and receive SMARTer Coins if they help others or share knowledge. These in turn can be spent in the SMARTer Shop, which is an online store with various nice articles the colleagues can buy for themselves.

Visualisation of the double currecy system: From SMARTer Credits, to SMARTer Coins to purchases in the SMARTer Shop

This is an effective way to ensure the following three things:

1: New employees struggle less when they need to find out things that are related to their work. They are more confident to ask for help when they have something valuable to give in return. For example from Senior to Junior.

2: That there is cooperation between teams who perhaps work on different locations. This is especially helpful for consultancy organisations that work at the client. For example, from teams that have built a solution in one location to teams in another location.

3. That there is an efficient platform for cooperation and sharing knowledge between different specialties. For example, between business and IT skills.

To make the system even more fun and attractive to use, there are leader boards and achievements for people who use the system most. You can earn badges for helping others 10 times, for example. This, in addition to the transparency of transactions enhances user experience and inspires involvement.

Management can give extra incentives by performing special transactions if employees show initiative that goes beyond their daily tasks. For example, if they help organise events or if they write Whitepapers. Additionally, management has full insights in all transactions and can keep track of progress.

You-Get SMARTer is a fully modular application, which means that customers can choose whether they want leader boards, a shop or even a double currency. In addition, it is very easy to make custom integrations. Existing user profiles can be used or connections with, for example, a shop can be established.

Visualisation of the modular components of the application, with at the core the Transaction Broker and customizable user dashboard

You-Get SMARTer is built in IBM BPM. It can thus be deployed on premise. Besides that, there is an attractively priced pay-per-use model on The Process Cloud by You-Get.

Please check the product brochure for more information on the benefits of using this platform for your own organisation!

Brochure: You-Get SMARTer – Knowledge sharing & Cooperation Platform

You-Get SMARTer best explains itself during a noncommittal demo at your office. You can request a demo or more information through me:

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