The Process Cloud

The Process Cloud™, powered by You-Get, offers a complete “BPM as a Service” Cloud solution for its clients. The Process Cloud™ is a 100% European hosted BPM solution, enabled in cooperation with IBM and based on IBM Softlayer technology, IBM Pure Application Service and IBM Business Process Manager.




Most companies or organizations interested in BPM will look for a BPM Cloud solution, in order to reduce the initial investment costs, to offer flexible expenditure and to remove the fear that arises from complex IT installations. This is achieved by drastically lowering upfront investments, with the help of a usage based cost model.



BPM as a Service, the next step in process optimization. (Click for an enlargement)














The Process Cloud™, powered by You-Get, offers the following features:

  • Simple and fast subscription model for You-Get Process Apps and Toolkits

  • Pre-installed Process Apps from You-Get that can be used immediately

  • Possibility to add supplementary Content Management and IBM BPM Advanced, including Case Management functionality;

  • Possibility to upgrade to private Cloud instance

  • Connectivity via VPN, so there are no hidden costs


All aspects involving security, VPN and connectivity are part of the solution. The Process Cloud™ also includes the specific BPM software maintenance and support (not including specific BPM application support).


The Process Cloud™ consists of a full set of DTAP environments (Development, Testing, Acceptance and Production).

The Process Cloud OTAP

Schematic display of all environments (Click for an enlargement)

















The Process Cloud™, powered by You-Get, is one of the safest ways to start working with IBM BPM. Our Cloud solution can compete with the most secure internal systems. You can get to work safely and carefree, completely secured, using VPN, SSL and HTTPS.

The Process Cloud Systeemvisualisatie

A schematic display of the security of The Process Cloud. (Click for an enlargement)



















You can find more information in our brochure:     Brochure The Process Cloud 2015 EN




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