Apps & Add on’s

The Process Cloud™ team develops new apps and add-ons continuously in order to allow our clients to automate as successfully as possible.


Check this page regularly to stay updated about new and innovative possibilities.


You-Get SPRINTer – Process Creator














The You-Get SPRINTer is ideal for the development of simple processes and is included free for The Process Cloud™ customers.




You-Get offers the possibility to upgrade by purchasing additional features in The Process Cloud™ (prices come on top of the basic fees). This enables clients to expand IBM BPM Standard Edition to the IBM BPM Advanced Edition. This extension comes with the Basic Case Management feature, delivered free with your purchase.


In addition, further possibilities to expand the solution will be added in the near future, including among other features IBM’s Enterprise Content Manager, IBM Operational Decision Management (ODM) and IBM Case Manager.




We like helping The Process Cloud™ clients to get on the right track. That is why we also include a half-day intensive training session and supervision.


Extra support is possible at all times and offerings include:

  • Additional training, for example in Best Practices and methods

  • Process analysis

  • Developing Process Applications

  • Maintenance of your Processes




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